eSTREAM Academy within its policy will ensure that all students are promoted in an environment of high academic expectations.

eSTREAM Academy

Our objective is to teach students with the highest academic standards to face the future, providing them the necessary tools that they can  can successfully use in the post-secondary stage, university and later on the workplace environment.

Profile of the Student

Our academy’s curriculum promotes integral formation, under the development of skills. For this reason, the aspects that stand out in the profile of the student are the following:


  • Ability to face challenge
  • Effective and enterprising communicator
  • Teamwork
  • Effective solution thruster
  • Creator of his own knowledge
  • Knowledgest of new technologies

Ours Goals

Here you can review some statistics about our academy.

We stand out

At our academy we provide you with a fully recognized diploma as we are an accredited online academy and therefore the degree is fully recognized upon graduation.

What is different about eSTREAM Academy? We offer a better alternative to regular high school. The program accommodates all kinds of students. We tailor the courses to be effective and easy to use online.  Secondary and Baccalaureate classes are adapted to work in an online environment. We offer an excellent, complete and proven curriculum at eSTREAM Academy you will receive the guidance you need to achieve your educational goals.